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Hydraulic Road Intersection Study


Improvement of this intersection will address geometric and operational deficiencies in the existing intersection. They will also improve the ability of the intersection and the nearby network to handle the increased volume of traffic and the variety of transportation modes, including pedestrians, bicyclists and mass transit that use the intersection.

What is Proposed?

This project is funded for study and preliminary engineering of potential improvements to the intersection of Route 29 (Emmet Street) and Hydraulic Road and the associated road network.

Several previous studies done by the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission have identified the intersection as a high priority for improvements to enhance safety and reduce congestion on Route 29, Hydraulic Road and the Route 250 Bypass.

At a Glance

Key Dates 

Feb. 6, 2017: Begin land-use study

April 17, 2017: Begin transportation study

Aug. 31, 2017: Complete land-use study

June 2018: Complete transportation study & draft SmartScale application


$10 million (Preliminary engineering only)

Lengths and Limits 

0.85 mile, from the Route 250 Bypass to the north Charlottesville city limits


Charlottesville & Albemarle County




Dave Covington

Information and Resources

Previous studies

29H250 Study, Phase 1. Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission, May 2003

29H250 Study, Phase 2.Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission, September 2004