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About Route 29 Solutions

The Route 29 Solutions improvement projects represent a significant investment in mobility and reducing congestion on the busiest north-south corridor in the Charlottesville / Albemarle County region.

Project selection was the result of a process that included input from an advisory panel, local governments, residents and business and environmental groups from communities along the corridor.


Route 29 Solutions Projects

Routes 29 / 250 Interchange

Route 29 / Rio Road grade-separated intersection

Route 29 Widening

Berkmar Drive Extension

Adaptive traffic signal control technology

Hillsdale Drive Extended

Hydraulic Road Intersection Study

Hillsdale Drive South

Increase Capacity and Improve Efficiency

Projects to improve the Route 29 corridor north of Charlottesville were approved June 18, 2014, in the 2015 - 20 update to the Six-Year Improvement Program.

Bypass Interchange Improvements

Length/Limits: Route 29 intersection at Hydraulic Road south to Route 250 Bypass interchange, then west on Route 250 to Barracks Road interchange
This project will add a second lane to the entrance ramp from Route 29 (Emmet Street) south onto the westbound Route 250 Bypass ... read more.

Route 29 / Rio Road Intersection Improvements

Length / Limits: 1 mile, from Route 851 (Dominion Drive) to Route 1417 (Woodbrook Drive)
The project will separate Route 29 (Seminole Trail) and Rio Road traffic by replacing the current at-grade intersection with a grade-separated intersection ... read more.

Route 29 Widening to Six Lanes

Length / Limits: 1.8 miles, from Polo Grounds Road to Towncenter Drive
This project will widen a 1.8-mile segment of Route 29 from four to six lanes. For sight distance and safety, several sections of the roadway ... read more.

Alternative for Local Traffic

Length / Limits: 2.2 miles, from current terminus at Hilton Heights Road north to Towncenter Drive
This project will construct an extension that will include a bridge spanning the South Fork Rivanna River ... read more.

Improved Traffic Control System

Length / Limits: 3.5 miles, from Hydraulic Road to Airport Road
This project includes numerous improvements to the existing traffic signals along the Route 29 corridor, including 18 intersections ... read more.

Hillsdale Drive Extended

Length / Limits: .85 mile, from Greenbriar Drive to Hydraulic Road
This project will offer an alternative for local traffic that will reduce the volume on Route 29. The connection will complete a parallel road ... read more.

Hydraulic Road intersection improvements study

Length / Limits: .85 mile, from Route 250 Bypass to Charlottesville north city limits
This intersection has been identified as a high priority for improvements to enhance safety and reduce congestion ... read more.

Proposed extension of Hillsdale Drive

Length / Limits: Approximately 1/4 mile
The extension of Hillsdale Drive south of Hydraulic Road will provide an alternate route of travel for primarily local traffic traveling north ... read more.

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Public involvement is a critical element in the development and delivery of transportation projects.

VDOT is providing this forum for comments and discussion related to the Route 29 Solutions improvement projects. 

We welcome suggestions, comments and critiques. 

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Comments on the discussion board and emailed comments will be reviewed by the project management team and the Hydraulic Planning Advisory Panel or the Project Delivery Advisory Panel, as appropriate.

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Construction Cameras at Route 29-Rio Road 
and Berkmar Extension Projects

Three time-lapse cameras capture images of two Route 29 projects as construction progresses. Check out the Rio Road GSI cameras and the Berkmar Extension camera to view past and current photos or a time-lapse video of work in progress.

UPDATED July 19: Time-lapse video of construction activity at the Rio Road grade-separated intersection project from 5 p.m. Sunday, May 22 to 10 a.m. Tuesday, July 19   

Rio Road - Project 1
Rio Road - Project 2
Berkmar Extension