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Hillsdale Drive South

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The extension of Hillsdale Drive south of Hydraulic Road will provide an alternate route for primarily local traffic going north from Charlottesville to Albemarle County. It will allow motorists whose destinations are east of Route 29, including the commercial areas, to reach those locations without traveling on Route 29.

What is Proposed?

This project was proposed as an extension of Hillsdale Drive south of Hydraulic Road to a new terminus at Holiday Drive.

At the request of the Project Delivery Advisory Panel and Charlottesville, VDOT agreed to defer the construction of this extension and first perform a study to evaluate several options for the roadway extension, including a possible connection with the Route 250 Bypass. 

VDOT will include the options that have been proposed in the study of the Route 29 / Hydraulic Road intersection improvements and develop a master plan to address the associated roadways, including Hydraulic Road and the Route 250 Bypass.


Study and preliminary engineering of this project has been deferred until completion of other Route 29 Solutions projects. This project is anticipated to advance along with study and engineering for improvements to the Route 29 / Hydraulic Road intersection.


Preliminary engineering: $1.5 million

Right of way and utility relocation: $4.5 million

Construction: $4 million

At a Glance

Begin Date



$10 million

Lengths and Limits

Hydraulic Road south to Holiday Drive






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